Jockey: Ronnie Franklin

Trainer: Grover Delp

Owner: Hawksworth Farm

*Race Notes: SPECTACULAR BID ducked in slightly leaving the gate and was settled well off the pace, moved slightly outside on the initial turn, rallied strongly after five-eighths staying well wide to be clear, ranged up outside GENERAL ASSEMBLY with FLYING PASTER inside entering the last turn and was bumped by FLYING PASTER when that one was forced out slightly by GENERAL ASSEMBLY. He responded when roused right-handed leaving the last turn, moved clear nearing the eighth pole but was roused steadily five times left-handed to draw out. GENERAL ASSEMBLY sprinted up on the pace between rivals entering the first turn, shook off SHAMGO and continued gamely when joined by SPECTACULAR BID and FLYING PASTER. he drifted out slightly entering the last turn and gradually gave way. GOLDEN ACT brushed by GREAT REDEEMER leaving the gate, stayed inside to commence his bid after a mile and finished with good courage. KING CELEBRITY moved boldly to the pace inside but was blocked with a half mile left, got clear between rivals entering the stretch and hung. FLYING PASTER broke sharply, rallied inside SPECTACULAR BID and was floated by GENERAL ASSEMBLY entering the last turn and weakened. SCREEN KING pinched back at start, moved widest to launch his bid after six furlongs and had nothing left. SIR IVOR AGAIN could only pass tiring rivals. SHAMGO sprinted to the pace inside, maintained a slight advantage for three-quarters of a mile and tired. LOT O'GOLD, stayed in striking position for a half, then retired. GREAT REDEEMER stopped badly.

1978 broadcast of the Kentucky Derby with Jim McKay and Howard Cosell

Jockey: Steve Cauthen 

TRAINER: Lazaro Barrera

OWNER: Harbor View Farm

*Race Notes: AFFIRMED away alertly but held in reserve for six furlongs, moved up boldly along outside thereafter to take command on second turn, relinquished the lead momentarily a quarter mile out but responded to a rushing ride to regain command in upper stretch and was fully extended to hold ALYDAR safe. The latter, under snug restraint early, commenced to advance from the outside after six furlongs, continued wide into the stretch, swerved in to bump with BELIEVE IT in closing sixteenth and finished strongly when straightened. BELIEVE IT reserved off the early pace, moved up with a bold rush while bearing out on second turn to gain command momentarily a quarter mile away, continued wide while lacking a further response and was bumped by ALYDAR in the closing stages. DARBY CREEK ROAD lacked speed and hung after making a rally on the final bend. ESOPS FOIBLES faltered after making a mild bid on the second turn. SENSITIVE PRINCE sent to the fore on rounding the first turn, continued to make a swift pace while along the inside to final bend where he gave way suddenly. DR. VALERI was without speed. CHIEF OF DIXIELAND was bumped about before going a quarter mile. RAYMOND EARL showed brief early speed and tired badly. SPECIAL HONOR reared at the start.

Jockey: Jean Cruguet

TRAINER: Wm. H. Turner, Jr.

OWNER: Karen L. Taylor

TIME OF RACE:  2:02:

*Race Notes: SEATTLE SLEW swerved sharply to the outside into GET THE AXE, after failing to break smartly, was rushed to the leaders early placing SIR SIR in slightly close quarters, continuing through tight quarters, nearing the end of the opening quarter, SEATTLE SLEW forced his way through moving FLAG OFFICER, AFFILIATE and BOB'S DUSTY out. Continuing in full stride, SEATTLE SLEW engaged FOR THE MOMENT at that point to duel for the lead from the outside to the top of the stretch at which stage he disposed of that one when put to extreme pressure, drew off with a rush and prevailed under intermittent urging. RUN DUSTY RUN broke well to gain a forward position, rallied along the outside on the final turn, continued willingly only to lug in through the closing stages and could not reach the winner. RUN DUSTY RUN survived a claim of foul lodged by the rider of SANHEDRIN for alleged interference in the closing stages. The latter, unhurried early while racing along the inner railing, came out for the drive and finished full of run. GET THE AXE closed some ground in his late bid but could not seriously threaten. STEVE'S FRIEND, unhurried early, moved up gradually along the outside on the second turn to loom boldly a furlong away but lacked a further response. PAPELOTE saved ground to no avail. FOR THE MOMENT, away sharply to make the pace, saved ground while dueling with SEATTLE SLEW to the top of the stretch at which point he succumbed suddenly. FLAG OFFICER was outrun. BOB'S DUSTY showed forwardly for three-quarters and retired. SIR SIR was caught in close quarters after the start.

Jockey: Angel Cordero, Jr.

Trainer: Lazaro Barrera

Owner: E. Rodriguez Tizol

*Race Notes: BOLD FORBES broke alertly to make the pace, raced slightly removed from the inner railing, drew into a lengthy advantage rounding the first turn, rallied gamely when engaged by HONEST PLEASURE on the final turn, drifted out a bit entering the stretch, but responded to left handed whipping through the drive to prove best. HONEST PLEASURE also broke in stride to duel with BOLD FORBES through the initial run through the stretch, was taken back after three furlong sunder snug restraint, commenced a rally from the outside on the second turn to loom menacingly. He lost ground when the winner drifted out in the upper stretch but continued gamely under a hand ride only to falter slightly through the closing strides. ELOCUTIONISH saved ground to loom menacingly on the stretch turn but could not sustain his rally. AMANO advanced steadily along the outside to reach striking distance a quarter mile away but had nothing left when the real test came. ON THE SLY was without early speed. COJAK closed ground on his belated bid but could not menace. INCA ROCA was outrun. PLAY THE RED raced wide throughout. BIDSON was without speed.

Jockey: Jacinto Vasquez

Trainer: LeRoy Jolley

Owner: John L. Greer

*Race Notes: FOOLISH PLEASURE away in good order, taken under stout restraint and allowed to drop far back, continued along the inside unhurried for five furlongs; advanced from the inner railing thereafter with a rush, split rivals in a quick maneuver midway second turn, eased to the outside entering the stretch and disposed of the leaders when sharply roused in midstretch. AVATAR gained a forward position at once, came in on the final turn to duel with DIABOLO for the lead, responded after being soundly bumped and knocked off stride and was unable to stay with the winner through the final drive. MASTER DERBY, unhurried early, advanced down the backstretch and loomed boldly on entering the upper stretch only to falter through the final drive. MEDIA improved his position for three quarters, but posed no threat. PRINCE THOU ART, void of early speed, rallied from the outside on the second turn but lacked effectual response. SYLVAN PLACE tired after a mile. FASHION SALE dropped back steadily leaving the back stretch. RUSHING MAN was forced into the inner rail by BOMBAY DUCK leaving the back stretch. BOMBAY DUCK quit suddenly after setting the pace to the second turn.

Jockey: Angel Cordero, Jr.

TRAINER: Woodford C. Stephens

OWNER: John M. Olin

*Race Notes: CANNONADE, roughed a bit at the start and unhurried for a half mile, moved up along the outside thereafter, came to the inside rallying on the final turn to take command nearing the quarter mile ground and drew off under intermittent urging. HUDSON COUNTY, away alertly to gain a forward position along the outside, continued slightly wide while dueling for the lead and held on stubbornly in a prolonged drive. AGITATE broke out sharply at the start, continued unhurried to the final bend when he improved is position through the drive but could not menace the top pair J.R.'S PET found his best stride too late. LITTLE CURRENT closed strongly following a sluggish beginning. DESTROYER showed forwardly to the top of the stretch and tired. JUDGER was squeezed back at the start and was unable to extricate himself from the field. RUBE THE GREAT was outrun. *SIR TRISTRAM showed a good turn of early speed. CRIMSON RULER was steadied while in close quarters through the run down the backstretch. TRIPLE CROWN stopped suddenly. ACCIPITER was through early. FLIP SAL went lame and was pulled up. (*Foreign Bred)

The actual footage of Secretariat's Kentucky Derby victory during the first race of the 1973 Triple Crown.

Jockey: Ron Turcotte

Trainer: Lucien Laurin

Owner: Meadow Stable

*Race Notes: SECRETARIAT relaxed nicely and dropped back last leaving the gate as the field broke in good order, moved between horses to begin imp[roving position entering the first turn, but passed rivals from the outside thereafter. Turcotte roused him smartly with the whip in his right hand leaving the far turn and SECRETARIAT strongly raced to the leaders, lost a little momentum racing into the stretch where Turcotte used the whip again, but then switched it to his left hand and merely flashed it as the winner willingly drew away in record breaking time. SHAM, snugly reserved within striking distance after brushing with NAVAJO at the start, raced around rivals to the front without any need of rousing and drew clear between calls entering the stretch, was under a strong hand ride after being displaced in the last furlong and continued resolutely to dominate the remainder of the field. OUR NATIVE, reserved in the first run through the stretch, dropped back slightly on the turn, came wide in the drive and finished well for his placing. FOREGO, taken to the inside early, veered slightly from a rival and hit the rail entering the far turn swung wide entering the stretch and vied with OUR NATIVE in the drive. RESTLESS JET saved ground in an even effort. SHECKY GREENE easily set the pace under light rating for nearly seven furlongs and faltered. NAVAJO was outrun. ROYAL AND REGAL raced well for a mile and had nothing left in the drive. MY GALLANT was not a factor. ANGLE LIGHT gave way steadily in a dull effort and was forced to check when crowded by GOLD BAG on the stretch turn. TWICE A PRINCE reared and was hung in the gate briefly before the start and then showed nothing in the running. WARBUCKS was dull.

Jockey: Ron Turcotte

Trainer: Lucien Laurin

Owner: Meadow Stud

*Race Notes: RIVA RIDGE quickly recovered after being bumped at the start to assume command, continued slightly wide while under patient handling, disposed of HOLD YOUR PEACE when ready while drifting out through the upper stretch and encountered little difficulty in holding NO LE HACE safe. The latter, unhurried for a mile, moved up along the outside thereafter, commenced swerving again through the closing drive and was clearly best of the others. HOLD YOUR PEACE away in good order to prompt the pace while in hand, raced slightly wide to maintain a striking position, dropped to the inside in the upper stretch when the winner drifted out but lacked a further response. INTRODUCTIVO improved his racing position steadily in the late stages but could not menace the top trio. SENSITIVE MUSIC passed tiring horses. FREETEX was without speed. BIG SPRUCE was always outrun. HEAD OF THE RIVER failed to enter contention. KENTUCKIAN lacked speed. HASSI'S IMAGE swerved sharply to the inside at the start, bumping with PACALLO, continued in a forward position while saving ground and stopped badly after going seven furlongs. MAJESTIC NEEDLE dropped back steadily. DR. NEALE could not keep pace. PACALLO failed to menace after being bumped at the start.

Jockey: Gustavo Avila

Trainer: Juan Arias

Owner: Edgar Caibett

*Race Notes: CANONERO II, void of speed and unhurried for three-quarters, was forced to come to the extreme outside to launch is bid upon leaving the backstretch, continued to circle his field entering the stretch to take command. JIM FRENCH moved up along the inside on the second turn, was forced to come out between horses entering the stretch, but could not reach the winner. BOLD REASON, badly outrun for six furlongs, moved between horses until forced to steady when blocked in the upper stretch, dropped to the inside when clear. EASTERN FLEET, away alertly to gain a forward position along the inside, moved through in slightly close quarters leaving the backstretch, commenced drifting out in the closing drive and gave way willingly. UNCONSCIOUS, never far back while along the inner railing, came out for the drive and had little left. BOLD AND ABLE was sent to the fore at once, bore out entering the first turn, came back to the inside when clear to make the pace to the top of the stretch, at which point he dropped back steadily. LIST failed to enter contention while closing some ground in the late stages. TWIST THE AXE moved up after three-quarters to loom boldly on the final turn, but could not sustain his bid. IMPETUOSITY, was forced to check sharply when JR'S ARROWHEAD dropped over at the half-mile ground, losing his action, and failed to recover when clear. BARBIZON STREAK was caught in close quarters entering the first turn, and commenced dropping back after five furlongs. KNIGHT COUNTER was bumped and forced out entering the first turn. JR'S ARROWHEAD commenced lugging in at the half-mile ground and dropped back steadily. FOURULLA bore out badly entering the first turn. Overweight - Saigon Warrior, 1 pound. Scratched - Sole Mio.

Jockey: Mike Manganello

TRAINER: Don Combs

OWNER: Robert E. Lehmann

*Race Notes: DUST COMMANDER, soundly bumped at the start to be hard held early, commenced to advance along the inside after a half mile, continued to save ground to the final turn where he was forced to come out between horses to launch his rally, remained slightly wide into the stretch and responding to pressure was up leaving the furlong marker and drew well clear under intermittent urging. MY DAD GEORGE, slow to begin and unhurried for three quarters, commenced to advance from between horses upon leaving the backstretch, cut back to the inside on the final turn to loom boldly in the upper stretch but could not sustain his bid. HIGH ECHELON, badly outrun for a mile, came to the extreme outside to circle his field entering the stretch and finished boldly. NASKRA, in hand while being outrun, launched a bid from between horses on the second turn to loom menacingly f furlong away but could not sustain his rally. SILENT SCREEN, soundly bumped and knocked off stride soon after the start, was forced to be sent along to remain in contention, continued along the outside to take command boldly on the final turn, drew off in the upper stretch only to falter. ADMIRAL'S SHIELD found his best stride late. CORN OFF THE COB, in hand early, moved up strongly to loom as a contender on the final turn but had little left when the real test came. PERSONALITY failed to enter contention. NATIVE ROYALTY, unhurried early, launched a bid from the outside leaving the back stretch to loom boldly a quarter mile away but weakened. ROBIN'S BUG stopped badly after showing good speed for three-quarters. TERLAGO dripped back steadily. GEORGE LEWIS gave way suddenly after prompting the issue to tip of the stretch. RANCHO LEJOS broke alertly to swerve to the inside into horses, ducked out abruptly into SILENT SCREEN, continued on the lead to midway the second turn where he collapsed suddenly. HOLY LAND clipped horses' heels while in close quarters midway the second turn and fell. Scratched - Protanto.