Full titles read: "THE KENTUCKY DERBY" L/S's of thousands of people gathering at the Churchill Downs race course ground in Louisville in the United States of America for the sixty fifth Kentucky Derby. L/S's of punters queuing to place bets. L/S's of the horses and Jockeys on the parade before the race.

Jockey: James Stout

Trainer: Jame Fitzsimmons

Owner: Belair Stud

*Race Notes: Start bad and slow. Won easily; second and third driving. JOHNSTOWN swerved to the inside as he took command, made the pace for a mile, was lightly roused in the stretch and quickly increasing his advantage, won with speed in reserve. CHALLEDON was between horses in the early running and began to move up after reaching the last five-eighths. HEATHER BROOM dropped back when racing wide on the first turn, rallied after going seven-eighths and outfinished VISCOUNTY. The latter, away badly, was rushed into a contending position in the first three quarters and continued well to the final eighth before tiring. TECHNICIAN did not settle into good stride until reaching the back stretch where he showed a brief flash of speed but was soon out of contention. EL CHICO broke to the outside and was through after seven-eighths. T.M. DORSETT also quit after showing early speed. ON LOCATION was eased in the stretch. Scratched - Challenge, Xalapa Clown.

Amazing Newsreel fotage

Jockey: Eddie Arcaro

Trainer: Ben A. Jones

Owner: Herbert M. Woolf

*To Listen to the Original Call from Announcer Ted Huesing CLICK HERE

*Race Notes: Start good and slow. Won driving; second and third same. LAWRIN, saving much ground, responded willingly when called upon, came through on the inside when wearing down MENOW, opened up a commanding advantage approaching the final eighth, then bore out through the last sixteenth, but held DAUBER safe. The latter, badly outrun early, began to improve his position when racing wide on the stretch turn, continued near the middle of the track while closing with fine speed and was getting to the winner. CAN'T WAIT, rated under steady reserve for about three-quarters, outfinished MENOW in the last stride. The latter made a good pace under steady rating, swerved out on the stretch turn and tired under pressure thereafter. THE CHIEF ran an even race. FIGHTING FOX did not respond when urged and gave way badly after a mile. CO-SPORT was outrun. BULL LEA, away fast, could not hold a contending position and labored badly in the last half mile. MOUNTAIN RIDGE had early speed and was inclined to swerve when tiring.

Jockey: Charle Kurtsinger    

Trainer: George Conway

Owner: Glen Riddle Farm

*Race Notes: Start good and slow. Won easily; second and third driving. WAR ADMIRAL, fractious at post, was away fast, was taken under restraint after racing quarter-mile, set the pace, easily to the final half-mile, increased his advantage gradually on the stretch turn and won in hand. POMPOON, forced wide throughout, was reserved off the pace, offered good response when called upon. REAPING REWARD, in close quarters early, tired. SCENESHIFTER, jostled about on the first turn and eased back in several futile attempts to get racing room between horses, lost much ground on the final turn, then closed well in a splendid effort. HEELFLY had to be taken back slightly on the first turn as FAIRY HILL came over, tired in the stretch. DELLOR lost ground much of the race. BURNING STAR could not get up. COURT SCANDAL tired. CLODION was in close quarters on the inside of the back stretch. FAIRY HILL had speed but was through after a mile. MILITARY was far back throughout. FENCING quit. BILLIONAIRE was through early.

Amazing newsreel footage of the great Triple Crown winner
Full title reads: "Kentucky Derby - America's biggest Horse Race". Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America (USA). M/S of people standing under sign for 'Churchill Downs' racecourse. Various shots of crowds at race horse. Many people are using cardboard periscopes to see races. Narrator introduces American commentator, Clem MacCarty.

Jockey: Ira Hanford

Trainer: Max Hirsch

Owner: Morton L. Schwartz 

*Race Notes: Start good and slow. Won driving; second and third same. BOLD VENTURE, in close quarters immediately after the start, began to improve his position fast on the outside after about three-eighths, took an easy lead approaching the final half-mile and, holding on with fine courage under strong handling, withstood BREVITY'S bid. The latter, probably best and knocked to his knees within a few strides after the start, had to race wide thereafter, closed resolutely and was wearing down the winner. INDIAN BROOM, blocked in the first quarter, raced to a contending position, made a bid entering the stretch, then weakened. BIEN JOLI was jostled about on first turn and did not threaten thereafter. HE DID had speed for a mile. THE FIGHTER began well but failed to stay after being bumped after three-quarters. GRAND SLAM showed speed for five-eighths. GRANVILLE unseated his rider when in close quarters shortly after start. Scratched - Banister, Dnieper, Seventh Heaven, Forest Play, Silas.

Omaha wins the 1935 Kentucky Derby.

*Race Notes: Start good and slow. Won easily; second and third driving. OMAHA escaped interference in the early crowding, was taken to the outside after the first quarter, raced to the lead gradually after reaching the half-mile post and held sway thereafter, winning easily. ROMAN SOLDIER worked his way to the outside after reaching the backstretch, responded well when called upon, but could not menace the winner. WHISKOLO raced to contending position with a rush, lost ground on the far turn and tired in the last three-sixteenths. NELLIE FLAG suffered interference soon after the start, was again impeded on the first turn and could not improve her position when clear in the last five-sixteenths. Scratched - Color Bearer, Chanceview, Calumet Dick, Prince Splendor.

Full title reads: "THE KENTUCKY DERBY - America's greatest classic race won by English bred colt Cavalcade." Kentucky, United States of America (USA). Various shots of masses around grandstand - people milling around, betting, observing the horses. Horses parading along the track getting ready for the start of the Kentucky Derby.

Jockey:  Mack Garner

Trainer: Robert A. Smith

Owner:  Brookmeade Stable 

Brookmeade Stable was owned by Isabel Dodge Sloane who was the heiress to the Dodge Automobile Empire.  In 1934, Brookmeade's success allowed Sloane to become the first woman to lead the United States in race earnings with $251,138 ($4,569,231 today).

*Race Notes: Start good and slow. Won handily; second and third driving. CAVALCADE, away slowly, was not permitted to make up much ground for a half-mile, then began moving up leaving the backstretch, where he came through between horses, wore down DISCOVERY and drew out for a handy win. DISCOVERY, away fast, drew into an easy lead approaching the stretch, and held on well, but was overmatched. AGRARIAN far back for seven-eighths and slow to respond to pressure, closed resolutely. PEACE CHANCE, away slowly, lost ground entering the stretch and closed with a rush. SPY HILL raced well. TIME CLOCK began in a tangle. SINGING WOOD quit. BAZAAR failed to respond to urging. SGT. BYRNE quit. Scratched - Riskulus, Blue Again, Prince Pompey, Fogarty, Thomasville, Howard.

Horses parade to post. Fans making wagers on race. They're Off. Race in progress. Crowds. Broker's Tip #16 noses out Head Play #9 in stretch. The Winner's Circle.
Full title reads: "America. The Kentucky Derby. America's greatest classic & biggest prize (nearly £15,000) won by 'Burgoo King' ... No. 13 on the card!" Kentucky, United States of America (USA). Horses move down to the start. Horses set off on the race. High angle shot of the field speeding down the course.

Jockey: Basil James

Trainer: Herbert John Thompson

Owner: Edward R. Bradley

Race Notes*:  Start good. Won easily; second and third driving. BURGOO KING, away fast and well rated, followed the pace closely until reaching the final three-eighths, where he easily wore down ECONOMIC and won easily. ECONOMIC set the pace under good rating, was no match for the winner, but outlasted STEPENFETCHIT. The latter saved ground in the early stages, was under restraint until reaching the closing half-mile and rallied mildly when taken to the outside in the stretch and was wearing down ECONOMIC. BRANDON MINT moved up fast on the stretch turn and, despite lack of room, was going boldly in the final stages. OVER TIME held on stubbornly in a good performance. TICK ON, much used at the post and in close quarters most of the way, could not reach the leaders when clear and was under hard pressure in the final quarter. OUR FANCY had no mishaps. GALLANT SIR quit. ADOBE POST had a rough race. LIBERTY LIMITED fell badly lame and pulled up.

* Race Notes Referenced from: https://www.kentuckyderby.com/history/year/1932
Full title reads: "The Kentucky Derby. 'Lucky' Mrs Payne Whitney's 'Twenty Grand' makes record time (2 mins. 1 4/5 secs.) to win America's classic race." Louisville, Kentucky, United States of America (USA). Shots of the large crowd gathering in the stands and enclosures at Louisville Race Course.

Jockey: Charle Kurtsinger    

Trainer: James Rowe, Jr.

Owner: Greentree Stable


*Race Notes:  Start good. Won easily; second and third driving. TWENTY GRAND, slow to begin, was sent up slowly after a half, raced strongly on the outside and, wearing down SWEEP ALL, drew away fast and won with speed in reserve. SWEEP ALL broke away slowly, but saved ground, followed the leaders in the backstretch, raced into a good lead on the stretch turn, but could not withstand the winner's rush. MATE improved his position fast in the first quarter, saved ground on the second turn, but failed to rally under vigorous driving in the stretch. SPANISH PLAY closed with good courage. BOYS HOWDY began fast and finished well after dripping back on the far turn. INSCO held on well. PITTSBURGHER began slowly, met early interference and was never a factor. LADDER quit badly after a mile. PRINCE D'AMOUR showed early speed. Scratched - Equipoise, Up, Don Leon.

This Newsreel footage tracks the success of Triple Crown Winner Gallant Fox.

Jockey:  Earl Sande  

Trainer: Jame Fitzsimmons

Owner: Belair Stud

*Race Notes:  Start good out of machine. Won easily; second and third driving. GALLANT FOX, in extremely close quarters for the first three-eighths, raced into the lead on the outside after straightening out in the backstretch, held command under restraint thereafter and won with something in reserve. GALLANT KNIGHT began slowly, worked his way up with a big loss of ground, offered a mild challenge entering the final eighth, but tired badly near the end. NED O. began improving his position after five-eighths, lost ground on the last turn, but finished resolutely. GONE AWAY, on the extreme outside throughout, moved up fast on the stretch turn, but quit in the final eighth. CRACK BRIGADE, sent up with a rush after five-eighths, loomed up menacingly on the stretch turn, then quit. LONGUS came from far back in the stretch. TANNERY tired badly after racing prominently for seven-eighths. HIGH FOOT and ALCIBIADES tired, KILKERRY pulled up sore. BUCKEYE POET had early speed. Scratched - Busy.