Crowd shots. Olympia (#5) with Arcaro up is heavy favorite. Ponder (#3) is 16-1 shot. Crowd. They're off. Olympic and Capot are the early leaders. Olympic keeps lead until final turn when Capot (#1) takes lead. In stretch Ponder (#3) comes up on the outside to win going away. Crowd.

Jockey: Steve Brooks

Trainer: Ben A. Jones

Owner: Calumet Farm

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won driving; second and third the same. PONDER, away slowly, gradually worked his way forward while racing on the extreme outside, responded to brisk urging entering the stretch and, after wearing down the leaders, won, but had little left. CAPOT, forwardly placed from the start, went to the front when settled in the stretch, held on willingly, but was unable to withstand PONDER, although easily best of the others. PALESTINIAN, well ridden, saved ground to the stretch, then made a bold bid when set down in the drive, but faltered during the last sixteenth. OLD ROCKPORT, on the inside and never far back, could not get to the leaders when hard ridden through the stretch. HALT passed tired horses during last three-eighths. OLYMPIA made the pace until inside the stretch, then gave way. MODEL CADET moved up after going the first half mile, then tired. DUPLICATOR, on the outside throughout, never seriously threatened. JOHNS JOY, roughed at first turn and again nearing the upper turn, failed to rally when clear. KY. COLONEL was far back throughout. LEXTOWN had brief speed. JACKS TOWN was through early. WINE LIST could not keep up. SENECAS COIN was overmatched and pulled up hopelessly beaten.

Horse and foal near stables M.S. C.U... Woman and son listening to race over radio in garden. M.S. Jockey dressing for the race. C.U. a female spectator in large straw hat holding a mint julip. M.S. stable lad leading mare out. Foal frisks along in front. C.U. Head shot of horse.

Jockey: Eddie Arcaro  

Trainer: Ben A. Jones

Owner: Calumet Farm

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won handily; second and third driving. CITATION, away forwardly, and losing ground while racing back of COALTOWN to the stretch, responded readily to a steady hand ride after disposing of the latter and drew clear. COALTOWN began fast, established a clear lead before going a quarter and, making the pace on the inside in the stretch, continued willingly, but was not good enough for CITATION, although easily the best of the others. MY REQUEST, bothered slightly after the start, was in hand while improving his position to the stretch, then failed to rally when set down for the drive. BILLINGS suffered interference after the break when GRANDPERE bore to the outside, was in close quarters on the first turn when caught between ESCADRU and CITATION, then could not better his position when clear. GRANDPERE broke into BILLINGS at the start, displayed speed for a half mile, then gave way. ESCADRU, forced to take up when in close quarters on backstretch, could not reach serious contention and tired badly after going three-quarters. Scratched - Galedo.

Unissued / Unused material. The Kentucky Derby horse race. United States of America (USA). Aerial view of the racetrack and the crowded enclosures. Various shots of the horses racing and crowd watching with excitement. FILM ID:2341.04 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATHÉ. EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATHÉ TV.

Jockey: Eric Guerin

Trainer: Tom Smith

Owner: Maine Chance Farm

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won driving; second and third the same. JET PILOT, alertly handled, assumed command at once, made the pace to the stretch under good rating and, responding readily when hard ridden in the drive, lasted to withstand PHALANX. The latter, away very sluggishly and outrun during the first half mile, worked his way forward steadily thereafter and, taken out for the stretch run, finished fast and was getting to the winner at the end. FAULTLESS, never far back and steadied along to the stretch, responded readily when set down in the drive, then closed strongly in a sharp effort. ON TRUST, forwardly placed from the beginning and in a good effort, failed to rally when roused for the drive and faltered near the finish. COSMIC BOMB a sharp factor early, engaged JET PILOT for five furlongs, then weakened. STAR REWARD make a good bid approaching the stretch, then gave way. BULLET PROOF went evenly and had no mishap. W.L. SICKLE was never prominent. STEPFATHER, away slowly, was never a serious factor. LIBERTY ROAD was far back the entire trip. RISKOLATER was never a serious factor. DOUBLE JAY had brief speed and pulled up sore. JETT-JETT unseated his river at the post, ran off a quarter and showed nothing in the running. Scratched - Balheim.

This film tracks the success of Assault, the 1946 Triple Crown winner. 35mm newsreel.

Jockey: Warren Mehrtens    

Trainer: Max Hirsch

Owner: King Ranch

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won driving; second and third the same. ASSAULT, forwardly placed and saving ground from the beginning, came through on the inside entering the stretch, quickly disposed of SPY SONG and drew out to win with little left. SPY SONG assumed command early, made the pace until reaching the stretch, then gave way to the winner, but continued resolutely to hold HAMPDEN. The latter raced in the middle of the track the entire trip, was pulled up sharply when his rider misjudged the finish, then came again when roused, but could not better his position. LORD BOSWELL, blocked near the upper turn, came again when clear but could not overcome the leaders. KNOCKDOWN forced the pace for a mile. ALAMOND on the outside for the drive, failed to rally under punishment. BOB MURPHY, also on the outside entering the stretch, could not threaten. PELLICLE raced evenly and had no excuse. PERFECT BAHRAM lacked the usual early speed and was never dangerous. RIPPEY could not keep up after displaying brief speed. JOBAR began slowly. DARK JUNGLE was through after six furlongs. ALWORTH was always far back. WITH PLEASURE tired badly. MARINE VICTORY was never a serious factor. WEE ADMIRAL has speed for a half, then gave way. KENDOR was overmatched.

Jockey: Eddie Arcaro

Trainer: Ivan H. Parke

Owner: Fred W. Hooper

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won easily; second and third driving. HOOP JR., away well, opened up a clear advantage in the first three-sixteenths-mile, was taken in hand to make the pace under a steadying hold to the stretch, responded with much energy when called upon and won with something left. POT O' LUCK, away slowly, started up after reaching the final five furlongs, lost ground on the final turn but cut to the inside while closing fast and overtook AIR SAILOR and DARBY DIEPPE in swift succession near the end. DARBY DIEPPE bettered his position gradually from a sluggish start but weakened suddenly near the end. AIR SAILOR, forwardly placed on the outside from the start, rallied only mildly and faltered in the late stages. JEEP, always clear as he raced wide, did not respond when called upon. BYMEABOND, taken to the inside early, forced the early pace in hand, made a bold bid on the stretch turn but gave way steadily the last quarter. SEA SWALLOW had no mishap. FIGHTING STEP weakened after racing well to the final quarter and swerving in the last eighth. BURNING DREAM raced wide and never threatened. ALEXIS flattened out badly before going a mile. FOREIGN AGENT dropped out of contention on second turn.

Jockey: Eddie Arcaro

Trainer: Ivan H. Parke

Owner: Fred W. Hooper

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won ridden out; second and third driving. PENSIVE worked his way forward on the outside, was sent to the inside when the leaders swung wide approaching the stretch, came willingly when put to strong pressure, wore down the leaders swiftly and won drawing away. BROADCLOTH, took command after three-quarters, was unable to draw clear and failed to withstand the winner. STIR UP moved forward with BROADCLOTH, was forced to lose some ground when challenging for the lead. SHUT UP worked his way forward through the field and closed with a rush. BRIEF SIGH tired in the drive. Scratched - Peace Bells, Autocrat, Comanche Peak.

Jockey: John Longden

Trainer: G. D. Cameron

Owner: Fannie Hertz

*Race Notes: Start good. Won handily; second and third driving. COUNT FLEET began fast, was hustled along until reaching the stretch, shook off the bid of GOLD SHOWER and, responding to a shaking up, won handily. BLUE SWORDS was in hand until reaching the last half, came determinedly when subjected to punishment, but was not good enough for the winner, although easily best of the others. SLIDE RULE saved ground while outrun to the final half, was blocked when moving up approaching the final turn and, taken out for the drive, could not reach the leaders. AMBER LIGHT raced evenly under restraint until reaching the final half, made a game bid entering the stretch, but tired. BANKRUPT, outrun until the final quarter, failed to respond when called upon in the stretch. NO WRINKLES could not better his position and had no excuses. DOVE PIE swerved to the inside after the start and was never a serious contender. GOLD SHOWER, much used engaging COUNT FLEET in the first three-quarters, gave way badly thereafter. MODEST LAD, bothered slightly after the start by DOVE PIE, was always far back. BURNT CORK began fast, displayed good speed in the first half and then quit. Scratched - Twoses, Ocean Wave.

Jockey: Wayne D. Wright

Trainer: John Milton Gaver, Sr.

Owner: Greentree Stable

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won ridden out; second and third driving. SHUT OUT, taken in hand after being hustled along for three-eighths, went close to the pace under smooth rating, responded when called upon and ,wearing down the leaders, continued strongly while drawing out through the last eighth. ALSAB, taken to the outside after a half-mile, started up after three-quarters and closed resolutely to head VALDINA ORPHAN in the final strive. VALDINA ORPHAN forced a fast pace, rallied when placed to strong pressure entering the stretch and held on gamely to the last sixteenth, where he faltered. WITH REGARDS took command gradually, was under a snug hold to the last three-eighths and continued well to the closing eighth, where he tired. FIRST FIDDLE worked his way up steadily through the last five-eighths and was racing well at the end. DEVIL DIVER, a factor from the start, saved much ground and was kept in hand to the last three-eighths, but did not respond to pressure. FAIR CALL raced evenly. DOGPATCH did not keep up on the final turn and was not dangerous thereafter. HOLLYWOOD was outrun. SWEEP SWINGER began very slowly. APACHE was held safe from the start. REQUESTED dropped out of contention after a half mile and was eased after a mile. Scratched - First Prize, Sun Again.

Jockey: Eddie Arcaro

Trainer: Ben A. Jones

Owner: Calumet Farm

*Race Notes: Start good and slow. Won easily; second and third driving. WHIRLAWAY, eased back when blocked in the first eighth and taken to the inside approaching the first turn, started up after reaching the final half-mile, was taken between horses on the final turn, responded with much energy to take command with a rush and, continuing with much power, drew out fast in the final eighth. STARETOR, away slowly, made his move gradually, drifted out slightly before straightening up in the stretch and held on well in the final drive. MARKET WISE, also well back early, rallied after reaching the last five-sixteenths and finished with courage. PORTER'S CAP, a strong factor from the start, tired after reaching the last three-sixteenths. LITTLE BEANS races well from a very sluggish beginning, then closed courageously to pass tired horses in the stretch. DISPOSE took command easily, was under pressure after three-quarters and held on fairly well to the closing three-sixteenths, where he faltered badly. BLUE PAIR quit after showing speed for a mile. OUR BOOTS failed to keep up after reaching the last half mile. ROBERT MORRIS dropped out of contention after a half mile.

Jockey: Carroll Bierman

Trainer: Roy Waldron

Owner: Milky Way Farm

*Race Notes: Start good and slow. Won driving; second and third same. GALLAHADION, away well, moved forward with BIMELECH, responded to strong urging when wearing down BIMELECH, drew out, but won with little left. BIMELECH, first in motion, went wide throughout, moved into command nearing the final quarter-mile, bore out on the stretch turn, held the lead approaching the final furlong, but was unable to hold the winner. DIT, steadied along early, was forced wide entering the stretch, but held on well under good pressure. MIOLAND, unable to improve his early position, responded well after reaching the stretch. SIROCCO was put to strong handling in the drive and tired near the end. ROMAN established a good early lead, held-command under light urging, then gave way when challenged and tired rapidly in the stretch. ROYAL MAN and PICTOR raced well back and were unable to improve their positions. Scratched - True Star.