Jockey: William Shoemaker

Trainer: Frank E. Childs

Owner: Fred & Juliette Turner

*Race Notes: Start good, won driving. *TOMY LEE snugged in off early pace of TROILUS, moved from between horses with SWORD DANCER to assume a slight advantage at half-mile ground, continued slightly wide to be headed on final bend, responded to strong handling and while drifting out, and being carried in, through stretch run he proved narrowly best. *TOMY LEE survived a claim of foul lodged by rider of runner-up for allegedly having carried that one wide from 5/16ths marker to final sixteenth. SWORD DANCER moved to a contending position along outside at once, continued wide to move readily and take command nearing final quarter mile, was carried wide into stretch to continue to show the way and while lugging tin he just failed to last. FIRST LANDING loomed up boldly when called upon entering stretch, but could not improve his position. ROYAL ORBIT commenced to make a move after three-quarters but his bold stretch bid was not quite good enough. SILVER SPOON moved rapidly in run down back stretch to leaders to maintain a striking position in midstretch where she could not gain under further pressure. FINNEGAN appeared to have no excuse in an even effort. DUNCE was never a factor. OPEN VIEW dripped back steadily after showing early speed as did ATOLL. JOHN BRUCE lost all chance when caught between horses at the start and went to his knees. EASY SPUR was far back throughout. OUR DAD lacked his customary closing rally. TROILUS stopped badly after cutting out a swift pace. Scratched - On-And-On. (*Foreign Bred)

Jockey: Ismael Valenzuela

Trainer: H. A. Jones

Owner: Calumet Farm

*Race Notes: Start good. Won driving. TIM TAM, unhurried while being outrun early, commenced to advance along inside after going a half mile, moved through in close quarters on final bend and when brought out between horses for drive he was fully extended to wear down LINCOLN ROAD near the end. LINCOLN ROAD made the pace under a well judged ride, saved ground much of way and held on stubbornly in a long drive. NOUREDDIN, far back through first six furlongs, circled his field when commencing his bid on second turn, lost additional ground on entering stretch and finished fastest of all in middle of track to be easily best of others. JEWEL'S REWARD, in hand while maintaining a striking position along outside, commenced to advance while continuing slightly wide on final bend but could not gain through final furlong when put to extreme pressure. MARTINS RULLAH closed a big gap in late stages but could not seriously menace top trio. GONE FISHIN' loomed boldly on entering stretch but had little left when real test came. EBONY PEARL stopped badly after making a menacing bid on stretch turn. SILKY SULLIVAN broke well but was allowed to stride while saving ground until final turn where he made only a brief and ineffectual bid of less than a sixteenth mile and refused to extend himself thereafter. WARREN G. stopped badly after going six furlongs and was eased when hopelessly beaten. Scratched - Can Trust.

Jockey: William Hartack

Trainer: H. A. Jones

Owner: Calumet Farm

*Race Notes: Start good. Won driving; second and third the same. IRON LIEGE, away alertly, saved ground while racing nearest FEDERAL HILL to the mile, took command during the drive and, responding to strong handling, held *GALLANT MAN safe but won with little left. *GALLANT MAN, in hand and saving ground to the last three-eighths mile, moved up determinedly in the early stretch, reached the lead between calls and was going stoutly when his rider misjudged the finish and he could not overtake IRON LIEGE when back on stride. ROUND TABLE, well placed and racing evenly to the stretch, closed willingly under punishment but could not reach the leaders. BOLD RULER, a sharp factor from the outset but racing well out in the track, failed to stay when set down through the stretch. FEDERAL HILL took command at once, set the pace until inside the stretch, then gave way when challenged by IRON LIEGE. INDIAN CREEK was never prominent and had no mishap. MISTER JIVE could not keep up. BETTER BEE was never dangerous. SHAN PAC was over matched. Scratched - Gen. Duke. (*Foreign Bred)

Jockey: David Erb

Trainer: Hugh Fontaine

Owner: D & H Stable

*Race Notes: Start good. Won driving; second and third the same. NEEDLES, well handled, saved ground when outrun to the last three-eighths mile, was sent to the middle of the track for the stretch run and, responding readily to urging, wore down FABIUS and won going away. FABIUS, well placed from the start, took command approaching the stretch, held on gamely when set down in the drive but was unable to withstand NEEDLES. COME ON RED, far back early, moved up boldly entering the stretch, finished willingly under punishment but was not good enough for the top pair. COUNT CHIC, unable to keep up early, made a good bid in the early stretch, then failed to rally when hard urged in the drive. PINTOR LEA gradually worked his way forward to the stretch, remained next to the inner rail for the drive but could not threaten the leaders, pulling up sore. CAREER BOY finished fairly well. NO REGRETS tired after showing early speed. HEAD MAN raced forwardly placed for a mile but had nothing left for the stretch run. KING O' SWORDS bumped with INVALIDATE at the start and never recovered. TERRANG had early speed but failed to stay. BESOMER was through early. INVALIDATE and BEN A JONES had brief speed. Scratched - Reaping Right.

Jockey: William Shoemaker

Trainer: M. A. Tenney

Owner: Rex C. Ellsworth

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won driving; second and third the same. SWAPS, alertly ridden took command soon after the start, raced TRIM DESTINY into defeat before reaching the upper turn, responded readily when challenged by NASHUA during the stretch run and drew clear in the last sixteenth mile. NASHUA, well placed from the outset, was kept in hand to the last three-eighths mile, moved up boldly on the outside of SWAPS for the stretch run but was not good enough for the latter, although much the best of the others. SUMMER TAN, never far back and reserved to the last half-mile, made a mild bid approaching the stretch, then faltered. RACING FOOL, in hand to the stretch, was unable to threaten the leaders when set down for the drive. JEAN'S JOE lacked early foot and was never dangerous. FLYING FURY was sluggish and was never prominent. HONEYS ALIBI was outrun and had not mishaps. BLUE LEM raced far back the entire trip. NABESNA was through early. TRIM DESTINY raced nearest SWAPS for three-quarters mile, then gave way.

Jockey: Raymond York

Trainer: William Molter

Owner: Andrew J. Crevolin

*Race Notes: Start good. Won driving; second and third the same. DETERMINE, roughed immediately after the start in the jam caused by HASTY ROAD and TIMELY TIP, recovered under good handling and raced within striking distance of the leader to the stretch, responded to brisk urging during the drive and, taking command, won going away. HASTY ROAD began fast, bore to the outside in the run to the first turn, retained a clear lead until reaching the stretch, then was unable to withstand the winner. HASSEYAMPA gradually worked way forward while racing in the middle of the track, closed strongly under punishment but was unable to reach the top pair. GOYAMO saved ground while working way forward to the stretch, was sent between horses for the drive, blocked near the furlong pole, was unable to get to leaders when finally clear. ADMIRAL PORTER had no mishaps. CORRELATION, bumped immediately after break, was far back to last half mile, then finished strongly. FISHERMAN weakened after a mile. ALLIED tired. GOV. BROWNING had no excuse. TIMELY TIP bore out at start, causing a jam, then raced well to the stretch before tiring. SUPER DEVIL was through early. RED HANNIGAN showed nothing. SEA O ERIN had brief speed. MEL LEAVITT could not keep up. Scratched - Close Out.

Jockey: Henry Moreno

Trainer: Eddie Hayward

Owner: Cain Hoy Stable

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won driving; second and third the same. DARK STAR, alertly ridden, took command soon after the start, set the pace to the stretch under steady rating, then responded readily when set down in the drive and lasted to withstand NATIVE DANCER, but won with little left. NATIVE DANCER, roughed at the first turn by MONEY BROKER, was eased back to secure racing room, raced wide during the run to the upper turn, then saved ground entering the stretch and finished strongly, but could not overtake the winner, although probably best. INVIGORATOR, in close quarters entering the backstretch, raced well when clear and closed willingly under urging, but could not threaten the top pair. ROYAL BAY GEM, away sluggishly, was forced to lose ground while working way forward and could not reach the leader when set down through the stretch. CORRESPONDENT, bumped after the break by ACE DESTROYER, recovered under good handling and raced nearest DARK STAR to the stretch, but had nothing left for the drive. STRAIGHT FACE raced prominently to the mile, then weakened. SOCIAL OUTCAST lacked early speed and was never dangerous. MONEY BROKER swerved into NATIVE DANCER at the first turn, raced well to the stretch, then gave way. RAM O' WAR was far back all the way. CURRAGH KING was through early. ACE DESTROYER began fast, bumped CORRESPONDENT and showed early speed but failed to stay. Scratched - Spy Defense.

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Jockey: Eddie Arcaro

Trainer: Ben A. Jones

Owner: Calumet Farm

*Race Notes: start good from stall gate. Won ridden out; second and third driving. HILL GAIL swerved to the outside, after the break, crowding SWOOP and BROWN RAMBLER, raced nearest HANNIBAL for five-eighths of a mile, then assumed command and entered the stretch with a clear lead, but was ridden out to withstand SUB FLEET. The latter, on the outside until settled along the backstretch, steadily worked his way forward hereafter, finished willingly under punishment, but could not reach the winner. BLUE MAN, away slowly and on the outside throughout, made up ground steadily, but could not reach the leaders, giving a game effort. MASTER FIDDLE lacked early speed and was in tight quarters approaching the three-quarters mile marker, raced well when clear, but was unable to seriously threaten the top ones. COUNT FLAME lacked early foot, but closed determinedly. ARROZ had a rough trip. HAPPY GO LUCKY was through after the mile. HANNIBAL gave way after racing prominently to the stretch. COLD COMMAND, roughed soon after the start, failed to recover. GUSHING OIL, forced back during the run to the first turn, was unable to reach serious contention. PINTOR tired during the stretch run. SHAG TAILS and ETERNAL MOON had no mishaps. BROWN RAMBLER and SWOOP, crowded immediately after the break, were far back thereafter. Scratched - Top Blend.

Count Turf wins the 1951 Kentucky Derby.

Jockey: Conn McCreary

Trainer: Sol Rutchick

Owner: Jack J. Amiel

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won driving; second and third the same. COUNT TURF, away well and kept in a forward position from the beginning, raced by REPETOIRE entering the stretch, responded to brisk urging and won going away. ROYAL MUSTANG, never far back, saved ground until the stretch, was forced a bit wide on the turn, then came again under strong handling, but could not get to the winner. RUHE lacked early speed, but steadily improved position after the opening half, was sent around horses entering the stretch and could not overtake ROYAL MUSTANG. Phil D., hustled to the front early, weakened. FANFARE, in hand until reaching the last three-eighths, was moving strongly in the stretch when crowded, came again, but could not threaten the leaders. BATTLE MORN, reserved to the half, was hustled along thereafter, but could not reach serious contention and had no excuse. ANYOLDTIME, on outside throughout, raced evenly. PUR SANG was never dangerous. HALL OF FAME gave way after racing well to the stretch. TIMELY REWARD began slowly and could not secure a good position. COUNTERPOINT tired badly after racing prominently to the upper turn. REPETOIRE tired badly after racing well for a mile. KIN CLOVER had no mishap. SONIC was through after a half mile. FIGHTING BACK showed nothing. BIG STRETCH was far back throughout. MAMELUKE quit badly after showing brief speed and pulled up sore. Scratched - The Gink, King Hope, Bernwood.

Jockey: William Boland

Trainer: Max Hirsch

Owner: King Ranch

*Race Notes: Start good from stall gate. Won ridden out; second and third driving. SHUT OUT, taken in hand after being hustled along for three-eighths, went close to the pace under smooth rating, responded when called upon and ,wearing down the leaders, continued strongly while drawing out through the last eighth. ALSAB, taken to the outside after a half-mile, started up after three-quarters and closed resolutely to head VALDINA ORPHAN in the final strive. VALDINA ORPHAN forced a fast pace, rallied when placed to strong pressure entering the stretch and held on gamely to the last sixteenth, where he faltered. WITH REGARDS took command gradually, was under a snug hold to the last three-eighths and continued well to the closing eighth, where he tired. FIRST FIDDLE worked his way up steadily through the last five-eighths and was racing well at the end. DEVIL DIVER, a factor from the start, saved much ground and was kept in hand to the last three-eighths, but did not respond to pressure. FAIR CALL raced evenly. DOGPATCH did not keep up on the final turn and was not dangerous thereafter. HOLLYWOOD was outrun. SWEEP SWINGER began very slowly. APACHE was held safe from the start. REQUESTED dropped out of contention after a half mile and was eased after a mile. Scratched - First Prize, Sun Again.