Jockey: William Hartack

Trainer: John Longden

Owner: Frank M. McMahon

*Race Notes: MAJESTIC PRINCE swerved out a bit through run to the first turn, dripped over while moving at the leaders after three furlongs, continued along the outside to hold his position, rallied when sharply roused on the second turn to wear down ARTS AND LETTERS nearing the furlong marker and was fully extended to prevail. ARTS AND LETTERS in hand early, continued along the inside in a brilliant move to take over the lead on the stretch turn, rallied gamely when headed and gave way grudgingly. DIKE, slow to settle in stride and unhurried for three-quarters, came out to launch his bid on the final turn to loom boldly in midstretch, only to hang slightly through the closing drive. TRAFFIC MARK passed only tiring horses. TOP KNIGHT forwardly placed from the start, moved strongly along the inside to take command midway down the backstretch, drifted out on rounding the second turn and succumbed suddenly. OCEAN ROAR stopped badly after making the pace for five furlongs. FLEET ALLIED dropped back after encountering slightly close quarters entering the first turn and failed to threaten. RAE JET was squeezed back when caught in a speed jam entering the first turn and soon lost contact with the field.

Jockey: Ismael Valenzuela

Trainer: Henry Forrest

Owner: Calumet Farm

*Race Notes: DANCER'S IMAGE, void of speed through early stages after being bumped at start, commenced a rally after three-quarters to advance between horses on second turn, cut back to inside when clear entering stretch at which point his rider dripped his whip. Responding to a vigorous hand ride the colt continued to save ground to take command nearing furling marker and was hard pressed to edge FORWARD PASS. The latter broke alertly only to be bumped and knocked into winner, continued gamely while maintaining a forward position along outside, moved boldly to take command between calls in upper stretch and held on stubbornly in a prolonged drive. FRANCIE'S HAT allowed to settle in stride, commenced a rally after three quarters and finished full of urn. T.V. COMMERCIAL closed some ground in his late rally but could not seriously menace. KENTUCKY SHERRY broke in stride to make the pace under good rating, saved ground to stretch where he drifted out while tiring. JIG TIME faltered after making a menacing bid on second turn. PROPER PROOF was always outrun. CAPTAIN'S GIG tired badly after prompting the issue for three quarters. IRON RULER failed to enter contention. GLEAMING SWORD broke alertly but sharply to the inside to bump with FORWARD PASS, continued in a forward position for five furlongs and commenced dropping back steadily.

Jockey: Robert Ussery

Trainer: Loyd Gentry, Jr.

Owner: Darby Dan Farm

*Race Notes: PROUD CLARION taken in hand at the start and brought to the inside at once, continued to save ground to the half-mile ground, was eased out thereafter to launch his bid, was forced to circle his field when rallying entering the stretch, engaged BARBS DELIGHT a furlong away and proved best in a stiff drive. The latter, sent to the fore at once, raced along the inner railing while being well rated, responded gamely when challenged to turn back DAMASCUS in the upper stretch and held on well in a prolonged drive. DAMASCUS, reserved off the pace for three-quarters, loomed boldly along the outside on the final turn to continue gamely to midstretch where he appeared to hang under extreme pressure. REASON TO HAIL improved his racing position steadily from between horses in the late stages but could not menace the top trio. ASK THE FARE failed to seriously threaten. SUCCESSOR was always outrun and without apparent excuse. RUKEN, void of early speed, appeared in close quarters while along the inside through the run down the backstretch and could not menace. DIPLOMAT WAY raced with the top flight to the top of the stretch and weakened badly. DAWN GLORY tired after prompting the issue for seven furlongs. DR. ISBY was always far back. FIELD MASTER swung wide on the initial turn. LIGHTNING ORPHAN raced wide.

Jockey: Don Brumfield

Trainer: Henry Forrest

Owner: Ford Stable

*Race Notes: KAUAI KING broke in stride to gain a narrow advantage, continued well out in the track through the initial stretch run, cut to the inside entering the first turn to draw off under patient handling, continued along the inner railing while coasting on the lead, responded when soundly shaken up a quarter out to turn back a bold bid from STUPENDOUS in the upper stretch and was under hard left-handed whipping to hold ADVOCATOR safe. The latter, away in good order, but reserved off the pace for three-quarters, moved up boldly along the outside on the second turn, dropped back a bit in the midstretch, but came again to finish strongly. BLUE SKYER allowed to settle in stride and unhurried for six furlongs, rallied along the extreme outside leaving the backstretch, cut between horses entering the stretch and closed badly under extreme pressure. STUPENDOUS, in hand for a half-mile, advanced steadily along the inside thereafter to loom boldly through the upper stretch, but appeared to hang through the closing drive. ABE'S HOPE, slow to begin, was forced to come wide when launching his rally on the second turn, remained on the outside entering the stretch and was gaining slowly at the finish. REHABILITATE closed a big gap following a sluggish beginning. AMBEROID stumbled at the start and was far back throughout. SKY GUY broke out at the start into TRAGNIEW. Scratched - Sean E Indian.

Jockey: William Shoemaker

Trainer: Frank Catrone

Owner: Ada L. Rice

*Race Notes: LUCKY DEBONAIR broke alertly to show the way through the opening furlong, dropped back a bit when Shoemaker took a snug hold nearing the sixteenth marker, moved up again to engage FLAG RAISER midway of the first turn, continued to duel with that one while along the outside to the final quarter where he moved to the fore when sharply roused, moved off to a lengthy advantage through the upper stretch but was fully extended to turn back a belated bid from DAPPER DAN. The latter, away slowly and unhurried for six furlongs, moved up along the inside on leaving the backstretch, angled out sharply to launch his closing rally on the final turn and, responding to strong handling, was slowly getting to the winner. TOM ROLFE, in hand for a half mile, moved up boldly along the inside to engage the top flight at the half mile ground, dropped back a bit on rounding the second turn only to come again while under extreme pressure and finished gamely. NATIVE CHARGER, bumped while between horses entering the first turn, quickly recovered to remain in contention while along the outside to loom menacingly on the stretch turn and finished evenly in a good effort. HAIL TO ALL, slow to begin as usual, launched a rally on rounding the second turn and finished boldly while between horses through the closing drive. MR. PAK finished well, SWIFT RULER failed to reach contention. FLAG RAISER came out soon after the start to bump with CARPENTER'S RULE but was quickly straightened away to take a clear lead in the initial run through the stretch, came to the inside thereafter to be well-rated only to weaken badly through the closing drive. CARPENTER'S RULE was bumped soon after the start and failed to reach contention. BOLD LAD, outrun early, moved up on the outside in the backstretch to reach contention at the half mile pole, then continued well to top of stretch where he gave way badly. NARUSHUA showed forwardly for three-quarters and tired badly.

Jockey: William Hartack

Trainer: Horatio Luro

Owner: Windfields Farm

*Race Notes: NORTHERN DANCER, in good order to gain a contending position along the inside, continued to save ground while under restraint, moved up steadily after six furlongs, but was forced to come out midway of the second turn, responded to gain command a quarter out and prevailed under strong left-handed whipping. HILL RISE, unhurried, was bumped twice through the stretch run the first time, continued along the outside thereafter to commence a rally at the half-mile ground, lost additional ground in a wide spread leaving the backstretch, rallied to strong handling on entering the stretch and was slowly getting to the winner. THE SCOUNDREL broke in stride, swerved out to bump with HILL RISE in the urn to the initial turn, continued in a forward position to gain command between calls on the second turn and weakened gradually through the closing drive. ROMAN BROTHER, allowed to settle in stride, commenced to advance along the inner railing after seven furlongs and finished strongly even though in slightly close quarters. QUADRANGLE, brushed and squeezed back at the start, wanted for racing room entering the first turn, continued well to the top of the stretch were he lacked a closing rally. MR. BRICK broke alertly but sharply to the outside brushing with QUADRANGLE, continued to make the pace under good rating and gave way suddenly after going a mile. MR. MOONLIGHT swerved to the outside for no apparent reason nearing the half-mile ground and could not threaten thereafter. DANDY K. was outrun, as was ISHKOODAH. WIL RAD was through early. ROYAL SHUCK showed speed for three-quarters and stopped badly.

Jockey: Braulio Baeza

Trainer: James P. Conway

Owner: Darby Dan Farm

*Race Notes: CHATEAUGAY, taken well back shortly following the start and held in reserve through the opening six furlongs, was eased to the extreme outside soon after leaving the backstretch, moved with a rush to wear down NEVER BEND through the upper stretch and prevailed in along drive. NEVER BEND rushed to the lead at once, saved ground under patient handling, drifted out slightly while under pressure in midstretch and held on stubbornly after giving way to the winner. CANDY SPOTS, kept much closer to the pace than before, was forced to check momentarily while racing up onto NO ROBBERY'S heels entering the first turn, remained slightly wide to the second turn where he commenced to advance along the inside, was checked momentarily nearing the three furlongs marker, and once again when blocked along the inside nearing the quarter pole, rallied willingly when clear in the stretch and finished strongly along the outside. ON MY HONOR, badly outrun for a mile, came slightly wide in his belated bid and closed some ground. NO ROBBERY prompted the issue from the start, raced slightly wide while going kindly to the final turn where he attempted to get out a bit. Rotz immediately straightened the colt to bring him back towards the inside, and he continued gamely to the upper stretch where he commenced to falter when put to a drive. BONJOUR maintained a striking position to the final turn and tired. GRAY PET was outrun. INVESTOR and ROYAL TOWER were far back throughout.

Jockey: William Hartack

Trainer: Horatio Luro

Owner: El Peco Ranch

*Race Notes: Start good. DECIDEDLY, taken in hand at the start to be held in reserve for six furlongs, came to the outside thereafter to commence his bid, continued wide to engage the leader through the upper stretch, moved to the fore leaving the furlong marker and was under pressure to draw off. ROMAN LINE, steadied while maintaining a striking position from the outset, rallied from between horses in the late stages to gain command a furlong out but had little left to contain the belated bid of the winner. RIDAN allowed to settle through the opening quarter mile, moved with a rush along the outside thereafter to prompt the issue in the run down the backstretch, attempted to bear out rather badly on leaving the backstretch but continued gamely to midstretch where he faltered under extreme pressure. *SIR RIBOT, away in good order, appeared to run up onto horses' heels entering the first turn, came out thereafter and finished strongly. SUNRISE COUNTY, never far back, dueled vigorously for the lead to the final sixteenth where he gave way suddenly while under pressure. CRIMSON SATAN, bumped at start, rallied after six furlongs and finished full of run. GREEN HORNET turned in a good closing rally. ADMIRAL'S VOYAGE tired suddenly after vying for lead at top of the stretch. TOUCH BAR broke sharply to outside. LEE TOWN showed early speed but gave way suddenly. PREGO appeared to throw a stifle and was immediately pulled up. Scratched - Sir Gaylord, Donut King, Cicada. (*Foreign Bred)

Jockey: John Sellers

Trainer: Jack Price

Owner: Katherine Price

*Race Notes: Start good. Won driving. CARRY BACK, slow to begin as usual, was kept wider than necessary when his rider elected to find the better going, lost additional ground to avoid any possible interference on rounding the second turn, rallied when roused at the top of the stretch to come on strongly and wore down CROZIER even though being carried out slightly by that one in midstretch. CROZIER, restrained off the early pace while placed along the inner rail, was forced to steady momentarily nearing the half-mile ground when blocked, came to the outside when clear to move steadily at the leaders, wore down that pair in the upper stretch while under pressure, commenced drifting out through the closing furlongs but could not withstand the winner. BASS CLEF, badly outrun for the first mile, closed a big gap. DR. MILLER made a very strong closing rally. SHERLUCK commenced a sustained drive leaving the backstretch to loom boldly entering front straightaway at which point he began to hang. GLOBEMASTER, saved ground while begin rated but stopped abruptly at top of the stretch. FOUR-AND-TWENTY prompted the pace for six furlongs, assumed command on the second turn and then tired very suddenly in midstretch. FLUTTERBY had no visible excuse. LIGHT TALK dropped back steadily. AMBIOPOISE was out from the start.

Jockey: William Hartack

Trainer: Victor J. Sovinski

Owner: Sunny Blue Farm

*Race Notes: Start good. Won ridden out. VENETIAN WAY, away alertly, remained within striking distance while under snug restraint to the second turn, where he was sent up along the outside, displaced BALLY ACHE for the lead at the top of the front stretch and drew into his commanding advantage while being ridden out. BALLY ACHE displayed his customary speed, shook off HENRIJAN after a quarter mile, was cleverly rated thereafter and, while unable to handle the winner, he was easily best of the others. VICTORIA PARK, allowed to settle in stride, was eased to the outside after six furlongs to commence his bid which fell far short. TOMPION, off in good order, raced in perfect position to the final turn, where he flattened out badly when put to a drive. BOURBON PRINCE made an ineffectual late rally. CUVIER RELIC could not keep pace. TONY GRAFF was void of early speed. DIVINE COMEDY maintained a striking position along the outside for six furlongs and then tired badly. LURULLAH appeared in close quarters forcing the issue for nearly five furlongs. Scratched - Hillsborough.