Little Eddie B

Little Eddie is a young horse with a HUGE story!  


The Story:

Little Eddie was only 17 hours old when his mother rejected him and subsequently tried to kill him. 

Realizing the severity of Little Eddie’s injuries, owner Eddie Bayeh and Tony Stabile knew he need to immediately be taken to the equine hospital.  There was only one problem; no horse transport service could make the trip at 2:00 AM.  So, being quick on their feet, Eddie and Tony cleared out the back of a mini-van that was at their Training Facility, loaded Little Eddie into the back and rushed him to the equine hospital nearby in Ohio.   

After the veterinarians patched up Little Eddie he returned home to the farm where a reuniting was attempted between Little Eddie and his mother but sadly she rejected him again. 

If this all wasn’t bad enough for Little Eddie, within the next few days he fell ill.  This couldn’t have come at a worse time since the upcoming weather forecast showed freezing temperatures for the distant future.  At this point, Tony and Eddie Bayeh decided that Little Eddie was going to make it through this at all costs.  So, what do they do? They decide to convert a living room into a horse recovery room.  They laid down tarps, put two pressure gates at each entrance and then brought in the straw.  They also had to hire people to watch Little Eddie, 24 hours a day until he recovered. 

And after 18 days Little Eddie was ready to get back to the barn!

Now, Little Eddie is racing around the paddock with his friend and “guardian” Uncle Vito as he starts to develop into a fine young racehorse.