Wasabi Ventures Stable's Informational Webinar 2/28 @ 7:00 PM ET

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TK Kuegler, co-founder at Wasabi Ventures, has always been a big fan of the sport of horse racing. He has also spent his whole life as a startup guy. This combination led him to create a new startup, WasabiVentures Stables, which combines those interests and talents. 

WV Stables aims to be a disruptive force in the horse racing world. We want to bring the thrills of racing ownership to everyone's doorstep.

By bringing the best practices of the startup world to an entertainment industry, WV Stables hopes to be a transformative force. Using crowdfunding principles and interactive technology, WV Stables is allowing anyone to become a sports franchise owner.

Come to a free informational webinar next week, February 28th at 7 PM ET. to learn about the innovative program.  Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wasabi-ventures-stables-informational-webinar-4-tickets-31422446383

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