I offer an array of Bloodstock Agent Services, including the buying and selling of Broodmares, racing stock and private purchases of young horses.  Take a look at my Profile and surf a variety of areas to learn about my accomplishments and contacts.  Horses for Sale Section which is constantly being update for the final quarter of 2011 calendar year.  Equine Racing Evaluation, Pedigree Research, Profit Motivated Management, Equine Marketing, Industry Contacts, Buying and Selling, Strategic Planning are among my other specialties.  As a Bloodstock Agent, I am known for doing creative transactions.  Take a look at Mating Mare ConsiderationsContractsAppraisals, and Other Things. Look at these pages in this Services Area to see the ways in which I can assist you in your equine endeavors.

I'm delighted to be directly involved with an extremely promising young stallion in Courageous Cat who recently moved to New York for the 2013 North American Breeding Season. Courageous Cat (2006 by Storm Cat out of Tranquility Lake by Rahy) is extraordinary. He is as blessed with surreal speed, superb pedigree and exceptional conformation. All of these stallion qualities are being offered with my most exceptional breeding contracts ever.

I'm additional proud to be directly involved with the relocation from Kentucky to New York of now, one of the Empire State's most highly successful stallions, El Corredor. Much information about the success on the racetrack and at stud is readily available. This webpage focuses on how to make stallion selections by sharing information on genetics principles with a focus on both the origin of the science and present day understanding.


In the concept of foal sharing, Iam noted for creating innovative contracts which work well for Mare Owner and Stallion Owner alike.  Check out what foal shares are available.


Look at my mating concepts.  If they interest you, call me to exchange ideas.  I can get you the season you need for your mare under the terms that you need.


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During my lifetime I have been a lot of places and done a lot of things.  One of them is to travel quite a bit as you can tell from some of my wisdom pictures.  I am always glad to discuss travel with my clients.  Maybe I can help you with a trip or make some recommendations.  You will find this explained under the sub topic of other things.


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Licensed Appraiser

I am a member of the American Society of Equine Appraisers and as such am a licensed appraiser.  I take into consideration, the end use of the thoroughbred whether to be used for breeding purposes with a commercial emphasis or racing purposes.

I also consider syndication value for group ownership andrace record and resources of the owner.  In short I provide a unique approach to accurate value utilizing aspects beyond simple the conjecture of what a horse would bring in the sale.

Since I have been attending public auction thoroughbred sales for well over 30 years, and I have seen an enormous number of horses sold.  My expertise on public auction value is based on this large body of experience.

I have provided many written appraisals and employed a variety of methodologies. 

Call me if you need an appraisal done.  I know that you will appreciate my work.

Client Holdings

I am often asked for professional assistance in evaluating the holding of a client and making suggestions as to what to cull and what to hold.  Additionally, appraising the herd from year to year or at shorter intervals is required for various reasons.  It is for that reason that at times I place client bloodstock under this category.


I wish to thank the stallion owners who are offering foal shares, up to first money deals and the farms standing these sires, combination purchase deals and the season owners who own the shares, and the lifetime breeding rights holders in these stud horses. Cooperation between mare owners and the owners of seasons is more essential than ever. 

I recommend that you simply click on the Shogun Ad so that you can better appreciate my concept, "that it is better to do business that works for both parties, then to do no business at all."  If you in fact share this point of view, then you will certainly enjoy dealing with me in your thoroughbred breeding endeavors.

Additionally, I have supplied information on these stallions that I feel will assist breeders with their selection process.  This information is of value to the stallion season owner as well as the mare owner. 

I welcome Mare Owners or Stallion Season Owners to contact me in my office at (201) 944-7757 or on my cell phone at (201) 362-5619 to discuss their stallion selection for their mare, or the type of mares to select for their stallion. Together, we can create a good mating under the terms and conditions that work for all parties concerned. 

Key Benefits for Mare Owners

  • Enables Mare Owners to Breed to Stallions that may beyond their financial capabilities
  • Buyouts of  the Stallion Season Owner at Various Times can maximize Mare Owner's Profitability
  • Mare Owners can breed up and get better placement at better sales for their mare and the offspring of the mare


  • Each Stallion Facility Prepares Different Contracts but all provide Optional Buyouts
  • Most Stallion Facilities are willing to provide special incentive to Mare Owners to participate in state bred programs.

Variable Stud Fee Payment Opportunities

Stallions are owned in a variety of ways from sole ownership, to a group of people owning a percentage of a horse at stud, to stallions that are syndicated.  There are many people that simply cannot provide foal sharing arrangements for anything other then mares that they feel will provide the opportunity of extremely high sales results.  This arrangement is advantageous to stallion season owners.

However, the opportunity to provide flexible terms with buyout opportunities at with a variety of incentives  at different times during the pregnancy, weanling cycle ranging from when the mare is pronounced in foal for 60 days, to when a mare is sold at public auctions, to a payment program which allows for payment from sales proceeds is alternatively attractive to stallion season owners who desire to get a predetermined yield on their season. 

Many farms today have high costs of standing stallions that are passed on to the stallion owners.  However, many farms and season owners are willing to make attractive offers to accommodate the needs of breeders.  There maybe opportunities for discounts based on multiple matings that can further reduce stud fee expenses. 

Advantages of Variable Guaranteed Stud Fee Purchases

  • Payments can be adjusted to fit mare owner's cash availability.
  • The upside is all in favor of the mare owner while there is relatively small downside risk.
  • The buyouts give the mare owner substantial discounts.
  • Multiple purchases can be combined to even provide additional stud fee discounts.