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We Bring the 'Sport of Kings' to Everyone

Horse Racing has always been branded 'The Sport of Kings' for a reason.  Only the rich have been able to enjoy the thrills of Ownership until recently.  Although Racehorse Partnerships have broke down these walls to some extent over the past few decades, there is still risk and financial responsibility that comes with fractional ownership.  Team TBSX has created a way for our Members to transcend from their everyday life and feel all the excitement of Ownership in a cost effective way and only paying for the Experiences they want to enjoy.

Thirty Pepperonis

the adventure begins here

As a Member, you are able to enjoy the thrills of Racehorse Ownership with none of the hassle or large financial commitment. The Owner's of the horses listed on the Team TBSX website have agreed to share in the Excitement with our Members.  When you sign up for our $9.95 monthly membership, you will have access to all Team TBSX has to offer.  From there, you will select a horse to follow from the Silver Stable level.  Choose carefully because this horse may unlock some Experiences that you never dreamed possible.  The Breeder's Cup?  The Kentucky Derby Perhaps?   You can also add more horses to your Stable for an additional monthly fee based on the horse's ability and class.  These horses will be categorized into Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond Stable levels.  To choose your first Racehorse, join Team TBSX now and unlock all the Experiences waiting for you!

Horse Following

RaceHORSE exclusivity

Each Team TBSX Racehorse is allowed only a certain number of followers set by the Owner.  That is what makes choosing your Racehorse important.  Only Members who are following a horse will be able to purchase that horse's Experiences when available.  However, the Team TBSX Experience Exchange allows Members to Sell their Exclusive Experiences to each other for whatever Price they choose.

Saddling Paddock at Tampa Bay Downs

Saddling PaDDOCK

Members will have opportunities to mingle in the paddock with other owners as the horses are being saddled for the race.  This elite tradition has been going on for centuries all over the world.  It is always exciting to be watched by crowds of people as they admire the horses, owners, jockey’s and trainers inside the paddock.  Now it is your chance to have all eyes on you!


Team TBSX Private network

The Team TBSX Private Network is for Members Only.  In the Social Media world we live in, it is often hard to sift through all of the minutia to find what matters.  This chat area provides a filter from the Public so Members can share their Experiences with one another creating a positive Community Environment with the ability to network.


Large Group of People

WINNER's Circle

Experiencing the Winner’s Circle is every Owner’s dream but some never make it there.  Imagine if you follow a Team TBSX horse that has a great shot of winning their next race?  Your odds of getting in the Winner’s Circle increase tremendously and you don't even have to pay the expensive training bills to be in the photo!  You can then purchase that framed photo to showcase to your friends and family.

Santa Anita

Racetrack Backside

Team TBSX Members have the opportunity to stroll the restricted backside of the track with their Racing Agent to learn all the ins and outs of the racing industry.  Owning a racehorse is much more exciting than the 2 minutes on the track at Post Time.  So much goes into the care and conditioning of these majestic animals.  Now it’s your time to be able to be behind the scenes of America’s oldest sport.


Dedicated Team TBSX Racing AGent

Team TBSX is committed to bringing the best possible Experience to each Member.  That is why each Member will get their own local Dedicated Team TBSX Racing Agent who is linked to the horse(s) they are following.  The Team TBSX Racing Agents manage their own Network and Business and are supported by the Team TBSX software and Corporate Office for all your needs.

Christina Yang

Jonathan Lutton | President & Co-Founder

Todd Hernandez

Leslie Lutton | Co-Founder

Sara Smith

Robert S. Fox | Chairman of the Advisory Board

Jacqueline Green

Jose A. Santos | Advisory Board 

Mary Simmons

Cash Asmussen | Advisory Board

Laura Bennett

Murray Smith | Advisory Board

Laura James

Norm Owens | Advisory Board

Wayne Bastien

Dr. Charles Kidder| Advisory Board

Jeremy Sanchez

Natalie Kaufmann | Head Racing Agent (Southern Cali)


Linda Amirpour

Matt Robinson | Senior Racing Agent (National)


Jeremy Johnson

Steve Simon | Racing Agent (New York)


Shane Neaves | Racing Agent (Southern Ohio)

John Jenkins

Brandon Clark | Trainer/Racing Agent (Louisiana)

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Daniel Neaves | Racing Agent (Southern Ohio)

Join the Team

There are many ways to get involved with Team TBSX to grow the Sport we all love.  Becoming a Member or referring a friend is the quickest and easiest way to help us build the World's first and only interactive horse racing network.  Team TBSX is also committed to creating jobs within the horse racing industry by offering the Team TBSX Racing Agent opportunity.  In order to attract new people to the Sport, it is time to come together to encourage anyone with a curiosity about horse racing to be able enjoy the every aspect of the 'Sport of Kings' without limitations.

become a Member

Membership is available for people of all ages.  Team TBSX is a fun and exciting way to bridge the generational divide by bringing people together from all over the world to participate and enjoy America's oldest sport.  If you or a family Member is looking to have the Experience of a lifetime then join Team TBSX and see for yourself. 


become a racing agent

Ever dreamed of having a career in the racehorse industry but there is a lack of options?  Team TBSX has created a new and exciting way for you to have your own business doing something your passionate about while growing the Sport at the same time. 


contact us

Team TBSX believes in prompt and personalized Customer Service.  Your dedicated local Team TBSX Racing Agent will control questions regarding your account and will escalate any issues to our Corporate Division when necessary.  If you are not sure who your Team TBSX Racing Agent is, please follow the link below to access the directory.

This Month's "Charity of the Month" is:

The Permanently Disabled Jockeys Fund (PDJF)

Each month the Team TBSX Founders and Advisory Board select a “Charity of the Month.”  Throughout the month, $1 dollar from each purchase is set aside and at the end of the month the money is presented to the Charity.


About the PDJF

The PDJF provides financial assistance to former jockeys who have suffered catastrophic, on-track injuries. Since its founding in 2006, the fund has disbursed over $7 million to permanently disabled jockeys, most of whom have sustained paralysis or brain injuries.


Mission of the PDJF

To promote awareness of the needs of permanently disabled jockeys through public advocacy; to provide financial support to permanently disabled jockeys to help defray everyday expenses associated with living with a catastrophic injury; to provide financial support and assistance in obtaining medical coverage for permanently disabled jockeys; and to promote medical research dedicated to reducing catastrophic injuries within the horse racing industry..    


More Info

Many of the jockeys they serve were injured while in their 20s and 30s and face decades of living with a disability. They have lost their income and the opportunity to build a financial cushion sufficient to support them and their families. - PDJF